Monday, July 10, 2017



“She hadn't chosen him over all the others. The truth was that she hadn't even thought about anyone else.’’ - Paolo Giordano (Born 1982: )


Can be

Treat your woman well
And feel your heart swell
As you see her ready to give her life
And support you through every strife.

Everything depends on how you view her
With respect or a condescending demeanour.
If you think you can ill-treat her and still get away,
Then, expect her unabashed wrath coming your way!

That a woman will always be patient
Is now considered a notion ancient!
Woman of today seeks her own space
To freely breathe and go about her ways.

Hey, let us women be just who we are -
Emancipated, empowered and on par!


Whenever my need for you
was the greatest
You always chose to test
My patience, my forbearance
Through your stony silence

I suppose that’s your way
Of letting me know
That when your need for me
Is the greatest
You’d manage on your own

Thank you for this challenge
Since I have now learnt
To do without you in life
And manage on my own
Whatever comes my way

Thanks for letting me know
Thanks for letting me go
Thanks for moving on
Thanks, I’ve moved on too

Who lost? Who gained?
Well ….


Rarely, when he was sober,
She was his sounding board,
Absorbing his angry words,
That plunged her like a sword.

Other times - most times,
She was his punching bag,
Absorbing the frequent blows
Of his misplaced fears, deep inferiority,
Unreasonable suspicion and insecurity,
That left permanent imprints
On her body – on her face,
Back, neck, shoulders and head;
Most of all on her bruised psyche.

Between the swinging punching bag
And the often mute sounding board,
Their children cowered and shuddered
As they saw the hanging Damocles Sword …


PADMAJA IYENGAR–PADDY: Having explored the worlds of banking and urban governance in senior positions, Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy is currently the Hon. Literary Advisor of the Cultural Centre of Vijayawada & Amaravati (CCVA). Her maiden poetry collection ‘P-En-Chants’ too has been recognized by the India Book of Records as a Unique Record of Excellence for movie reviews and management topics presented in rhyming poetry form. She successfully compiled, curated and edited for CCVA an International Multilingual Poetry Anthology Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016 that has a record 527 poems in 53 languages and has been recognized as a Unique Record of Excellence by the India Book of Records. Paddy is currently compiling the next edition of Amaravati Poetic Prism (2017). Her poems, short stories and articles have been published in newspapers, journals, magazines, e-zines and several poetry anthologies, and some have won prizes in poetry and short story contests. She is regularly invited to participate in national and international poetry fests to read her poems.


  1. Thank you OPA for this rare honour and for featuring my poems in your prestigious anthology. I feel proud as a woman that my voice has been heard through this anthology. Thank you for making it possible!!!

  2. Paddy! I am thrilled to read this; but with the recent laurels that you are earning for the past few years, I wasn't taken by surprise. Way to go!

  3. Congratulations Paddy... on winning the honour and on 'moving on' so gracefully. Thank u for inspiring us ��

  4. Hearty congrats, dear Paddy for this honour. Your poem has very poignantly expresses the domestic abuse that many women suffer,usually silently.

  5. Such spontaneity ! Such sincerity! Loved your poems Paddy ...they reflect the painful reality some women live through ..!
    Hearty congratulations for getting featured here
    Ambika Ananth

  6. Hearty Congratulations. The poems are beautiful. You deserve the honour Padmaja Iyengar:)

  7. Please add my congratulations to the pile of good wishes on this milestone along your road to illustrious success.

  8. has rated you as the first ranker, who has been taking keen interest in running this website with much interest, despite your preoccupation with other back breaking undertakings. The spirit behind all these activities is very much high in your good-self. We all as a team appreciate your tireless literary activities and we wish you continue the same for years to come. With best wishes, Raja

  9. Congratulations!! Specially chosen words explaining the feelings are very effective.

  10. Congratulations!! Specially chosen words explaining the feelings are very effective.

  11. My dear friends Supratik, Madhavi, Mona, Ambika, Bina, HWBryce, Raja Sir and Mallika, thank you all so much for your insightful feedback on these poems, your good wishes and generous appreciation. I feel totally humbled by your kind words that inspire me to keep improving ... Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy _()_

  12. Dear friend Dr. Maria Miraglia, thank you for your warm welcome to OPA _()_

  13. Great achievement, Padmaja. Hearty congratulations.

  14. All the poemsmake a deep impression on the readers' mind. Kudos Paddy!

  15. Thank you so much Dr. Kumarendra Mallick. Very glad Rajeev, that you found the poems making an impact on the readers' mind.

  16. Great going; good going; keep going;May God bless your every endeavor in the years to come as well, Paddy.CONGRATS for the rungs of life's ladder already climbed in a superb style.

  17. Respected Dr. John Celes. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging appreciation !

  18. As it is evident from her poems, Padmaja Iyengar is a greatest poetess of modern times. She depicts in her poetry many positive aspects of love and life, truth and beauty. Her poetic thought is powerful and passionate, tender and sensuous, sweet and musical, melancholic and sublime.
    Dr. Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi